Saat Phero Ki Hera Pherie

Mon - Fri,

09:00 PM

about the show

Saat Phere ki Hera Pherii is a Comedy around the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Tandon (the 80’s Couple), Mr. and Mrs. Desai (the 90’s Jodi) and Goldy (the Millenial), who are neighbours living in the Mumbai suburbs. they are di?erent characters with di?erent beliefs, have lives totally dissimilar to each others. And yet, each man is unhappy with what he has. The 80’s wants spice, the 90’s want peace, the millenials have no clue what they want. The story revolves around these characters and these neighbours, who are more than family to each other, bringing laughter and sanity (or the opposite of it) in each other’s lives.