Shrimaan Shrimati Phir Se

Mon - Fri,

07:30 PM

about the show

Shriman Shrimati, a popular sitcom, is built on the premise of "Love thy neighbor's wife." The evergreen show is now set to make a comeback on Sony SAB as Shriman Shrimarti..phir se. The same characters and the hilarious situations which are as relevant in today as they were back then. The main characters are Keshav Kulkarni and his wife Kokila, and their neighbours Prema Shalini and her husband Dilruba. Keshav adores Prema Shalini who is more glamorous and sophisticated than his homemaker wife Kokila. Dilruba is interested in Kokila who is more his type in her homely avatar rather than his film star wife. Both of them make use of every possible opportunity (and create many of their own) to flirt with each other's wives, but every time their efforts come to naught. The episodes are centered on their attempts to get closer to each other's wives and the comical situations that result. The other important characters in the TV series are Keshav and Kokila's son Chintu, their other neighbor Pinky, Keshav's boss Mr. Sharma and his office colleague Gokhale.